Kirsten's consulting services are based on bringing people together through collaboration. She aims to get everyone on the “same wavelength,” increasing overall effectiveness and collective commitment.


Kirsten offers a range of consulting services to private sector business and public sector/not-for-profit organizations. Services include:


  • Group/meeting facilitation, for groups ranging in size from 5 to 500;
  • Community consultations and focus groups;
  • Strategic planning and goal setting for teams, boards, organizations and communities;
  • Program development, performance measurement and evaluation research;
  • Survey research, including needs assessments and HR related surveys;
  • Benchmarking and development of service delivery standards; and
  • Report writing, including business plans, annual reports and grant applications.


In addition to her coaching and leadership development expertise, Kirsten applies participatory research principles, ensuring a collaborative approach that engages stakeholders in the research process. This increases buy-in and accessibility to data, supporting sustainability and actual application of research findings. Kirsten is committed to working with you to create solutions that take reports off the shelves and into the daily lives of those they are intended to impact and support.


Regardless of the project, Kirsten’s engaging approach transforms arduous tasks into fun and inspirational interactions that propel initiatives forward with ease!