Kirsten McKinnon compels individuals and organizations to turn ON their full potential.


She ignites passion, clarity, confidence and commitment, inspiring transformational results.




Kirsten McKinnon is an "Engagement Specialist"; a seasoned trainer, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Co-Active Leadership specialist who’s approach awakens greatness in others, turns on their unique power and inspires full engagement in their professional and personal lives. She earned her designations from the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute, and blends these credentials with years of experience to unleash the full potential in everyone!




Kirsten believes that each of us has a powerful light to turn on, and when it’s on, we’re "on." We’re clear about who we are, what we’re about and what is important to us. We get that feeling of being in the right place at the right time. We’re on target, we do things on purpose, we’re on top of the world ... we’re on fire!!! This is when we can experience maximum productivity, creativity, energy and fulfillment AND it’s when we are our most compelling and likely to inspire and motivate others.


Kirsten’s credentials and experience equip her with some of the most effective tools for turning on individual strengths and shedding light on the aptitudes of others. Her approach amplifies aptitudes!


As a coach and trainer, Kirsten shows us how to evoke our inner leaders, summoning passions and talents, inspiring shifts from maintenance to excellence and helping us to illuminate potential in others. Her expertise as a trainer, facilitator, speaker, strategist, advisor, researcher, writer and manager spans public and private sectors including employment and training, education, mental health, manufacturing, and all levels of government.


Her particular passions centre on leaders in education and "rebels with a cause": corporate and not-for-profit leaders who are committed to challenging the status quo and breaking through the "boxes of bureaucracy."